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At Arch Dental of West Hartford, Dr. Rabia Kaur is an experienced sedation dentist. With laughing gas sedation, we’ll keep you feeling safe and comfortable throughout your procedure. Whether you have dental anxiety or you’re just nervous about an upcoming dental surgery, we've got you covered.

Sedation At The Dentist’s Office

How Can I Get Treatment Without Pain And Anxiety?

Dentistry is a source of fear and anxiety for many people. It’s been estimated that up to half of all patients have some kind of dental anxiety. And that’s why sedation dentistry at Arch Dental of West Hartford is so useful.

We use sedation, the latest numbing techniques, and advanced technology to keep patients comfortable. Whether you’re getting a filling or having a tooth extracted, Dr. Kaur and our team will make sure you’re right at ease. You won’t feel any pain, fear, or anxiety. Our caring team will be there for you every step of the way.

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Dental sedation

What Can I Expect At A Sedation Consultation?

Are you not sure if dental sedation is right for you? Here’s what you can expect if you schedule a sedation consultation at Arch Dental of West Hartford.

Discuss Common Triggers & Anxiety

Everyone’s anxiety is different. Maybe you don’t like the sound of dental drills, you’re scared of needles, or you are embarrassed about your mouth. Whatever the reason, Dr. Kaur can discuss your triggers and anxiety with you to learn more about what makes you nervous at the dentist’s office. This helps our team deliver personalized, high-quality care.

Go Over Your Health, Medications & Other Details

Dr. Kaur will ask about your health history, past health issues, medications & supplements that you’re taking, and other details. This ensures that you can be sedated safely at our West Hartford office.

Get Approval For Sedation

Once you’ve discussed your health history, Dr. Kaur will be able to approve you for sedation at our office. Note that sedation is not always covered by dental insurance, so you may want to consult with your insurer for more details.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

In most cases, your sedation consultation will be separate from your dental treatment or surgery. Our front office team will work with you to check your insurance coverage, take payment, and schedule your next appointment so that you can get the treatment you need.

Explore Your Sedation Options - Laughing Gas

We offer laughing gas sedation at our office. This is also known as “nitrous oxide” or “minimal inhaled sedation.” Wondering how it works? Read on and see what you can expect at our West Hartford practice.

Put On A Nose Mask & Breathe Through Your Nose

Dr. Kaur will put a mask over your nose, and a mixture of laughing gas and oxygen will be pumped into your lungs. Simply breathe in through your nose whenever she directs you to do so. The laughing gas will start taking effect immediately.

Get Relief From Anxiety During Your Procedure

During your procedure, you may feel “floaty” and disconnected from what’s happening around you. You will have a higher pain tolerance, and you will also feel much less anxious and nervous. However, you still will be fully conscious and able to respond to commands.

Purge Any Remaining Laughing Gas

Once your procedure is over, Dr. Kaur will pump pure oxygen through your nose mask. You’ll breathe in, and this will quickly remove any remaining laughing gas from your bloodstream and your lungs.

Remove The Mask & Get Back To Your Routine

The after-effects of nitrous oxide are minimal, and usually last only about 5 minutes. Unlike with deeper forms of sedation, this means you’ll be able to drive yourself home and get back to work, school, or your daily routine immediately.


What Is Sedation Used For In Dentistry?

Sedation is used to reduce anxiety and fear and make patients more comfortable. It can also help reduce pain, along with local numbing. It’s also helpful for patients with strong gag reflexes or a fear of needles.

Am I A Good Candidate For Sedation Dentistry?

As long as you are healthy and are not taking any medications that may interfere with the sedative, you’re a good candidate for sedation at Arch Dental of West Hartford. For more information, schedule an appointment at our office.

What Does Sedation Dentistry Feel Like?

Sedation with laughing gas will make you feel happy, calm, and a bit disconnected from your surroundings. You may even start giggling, which is where the name “laughing gas” comes from. You will feel much more safe and comfortable, even during long dental procedures.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes, and this is especially true of nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Serious complications are nearly non-existent. Dr. Kaur and our team also have undergone extensive training to ensure that patients at Arch Dental of West Hartford are sedated safely.

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