How To Adjust To New Dentures

Dentures are a very popular way to replace missing teeth, but if you’ve been looking into them, then you probably learned about the adjustment period.

Many patients will feel a bit strange and uncomfortable right after getting their first pair of dentures. The good news is that as time goes by, your mouth will adjust to them so well that dentures will feel like a natural part of your smile!

But until you reach that point, check out these useful tips on how to adjust to new dentures.

  1. Day 1

So you got your new dentures and everything feels… different.

It’s perfectly normal, but a bit frustrating, so to navigate this new world, here’s what you should do:

  • Don’t take your dentures off, even if tempted, to give your mouth time to adjust to them.
  • Leave your dentures in for around 24 hours after you get them.
  • Eat soft foods like purees and puddings that don’t require a lot of chewing.
  • If you get a bit sore, you can remove the dentures and gently massage your gums, but remember to place them back in.
  1. Weeks 1-2

Two weeks after getting dentures you will already notice a lot of improvement. Until then, you may still want to eat softer foods, and gradually add harder foods. Remember to take small bites and take your time chewing.

Patients also experience increased salivation at this time. You can eat a piece of candy, which will help you swallow the saliva naturally. If you are still sore, you can gently massage your gums or rinse with warm saline water.

  1. Weeks 3-4

By this point, salivation and soreness have likely diminished, but many patients focus on a completely new nuisance: their speech.

Dentures can modify the way you talk in the beginning simply because you are essentially talking with a foreign object in your mouth. The best way to overcome this is to simply practice talking with your new dentures.

By this point, you’ll also start eating harder foods. Using a denture adhesive can help you feel more comfortable eating and speaking with your new dentures, especially in public.

  1. One Month After

After 30 days of wearing dentures, your mouth should become completely used to your new smile. You can talk and eat normally, and not deal with extra salivation.

Each patient is different, however. Remember that to allow your body to get used to dentures, you will need to wear them as instructed by your dentist. Otherwise, it may take longer to adjust to them.

Interested in Dentures? We Can Help 

If you’re dealing with missing teeth, Dr. Rabia Kaur can help you find out if dentures are the right solution for you, or recommend another treatment that can restore your perfect smile.

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